PVM - Parallel Virtual Machine

Create parallel applications using PVM. Used in Oil and Gas, FEM, parallel Branch and Bound and others.

JobCoNTrol: A cluster management software for Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003

  In this scenario, nodes 11 and 12 were selected and will be shut down.

Overview on Software Functionality

This software can be classified as a tool to manage your cluster.

It enables administrators to quickly and easily

their clustered nodes.

JobCoNTrol ships with a GUI-based master console that provides a single view of all NT clusters and applications.
You will be able to access remote resources, which can consist of harddrives, but also remote processes for example.
The GUI will give you an overview in which critical states of single machines can be easily detected. This scenario includes nodes which are running out of disk space, but also CPU and memory utilization can be monitored. If you are required to put your hands onto a system, then you can connect to this machine as if you would sit at its console. The GUI also lets you select multiple hosts to execute a command on.
If allowed, regular users can also place jobs on remote machines. For those, a subset of the full functionality will be available and tasks, such as rendering jobs on other hosts can be easily performed.

Basic Product description:

JobCoNTrol allows administrative users to administer and run a Windows Cluster. Major key features are:

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Placing the mouse on a nodes icon reveales hardware and software configuration.

Task Management includes submission of tasks. A job queue informs about the status of a job and allows also the deletion ob submitted jobs.

A Progress bar shows tells you how long you can take of to get some coffee. Earlier a directory listing and a list of processes were retrieved from Node02.