This page intends to give a very brief information on which procedures to take after installation or if you want to run the program in debug mode.

All features are available in the Online Documentation.

Configuration under Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP:

For configuration of the trusted user database the program 'configure' has to be called.
Options for configure are {add, list, remove}.
configure -add remote_user local_user ip_list [-p password] adds a new user (being logged onto the remote machine as 'remote_user') to the trusted user database. This user will be impersonated as 'local_user' by passing 'password' to the WIN32 API. In addition, the remote IP address must match one in the 'ip_list'. Within the NT environment, no password will be required in the near future (Delegation).
Example: configure -add administrator \\MORDOR\administrator 123.23.4.*
will allow the administrator account on host 123.23.4.* to log on to this machine under the Domain MORDOR and the account administrator.

configure -list lists the trusted user database

configure -remove remote_user removes 'remove_user' from the trusted user database

For security reasons, a user has to have administrator privileges to install, stop and remove the service. The same privileges have to be held for configuration.

Configuration under Windows 9X, Me:

For configuration under Win9X, the wrshd9x.equ file has to be modified manually. An example for an entry looks like:

Additional Information on the NT version:


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